Sunday, May 18, 2008


I just returned from the RWA Maine Chapter's retreat. What a great time. So many authors sent books and other promo items to fill the bags for all the entrants. I was impressed to say the least. Between that bag and other give-a-ways, I won't have to buy a book to read for a long time.

Cindy Kirk presented two workshops. She came all the way from Nebraska to Maine. Wow! The first was entitled Man Talk and she hit it right on the head. If you want to improve your dialogue for your hero, take one of her workshops. The second was on on writing a synopsis - what grabs you and what doesn't. Both were excellent.

An extra for me -- what luxury to get away from home for two nights and sleep in a king sized bed with six pillows. The thin down blanket and soft sheets put me right into heaven. I felt really rested until I got home and cleaned house and did four loads of laundry. Still have to make up the bed. Or maybe I'll say to hell with it and sleep on the mattress.

Have a great week.

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